I work with producers, designers, and developers, on digital experiments with adventurous cultural orgs; we are inspired by artists, tutored by thespians; we meet curious curators, enchanting educators and deviant devs; and we meet & mentor many bright young things..

Projects that I am proud to have been a part of:

A Curiosity of Doubts  is a Penguin Special Edition published for the Sydney Writer's Festival.

A Curiosity of Doubts is a Penguin Special Edition published for the Sydney Writer's Festival.

A curiosity of doubts

I feel I have somewhat accidentally published a book. Penguin have very kindly included a sort of expanded version of a short lecture I was asked to give (as part of the Sydney Writers Festival). It is a huge honour and I feel a a bit embarrassed to be dressed in the livery of an authentic Penguin Classic, but, at the same time hugely proud.  A Curiosity of Doubts is available in shops that sell books. And online. A podcast of the talk is being made and we can link to that. 

Wormholes, 20th Biennale of Sydney

A collaborative design project with the 20th Biennale of Sydney and local creative agencies, For the People and Grumpy Sailor in May 2016. The 20th Biennale of Sydney featured art from 83 different artists around the world over an 80 day period.

Editions at Play publishes titles designed for your smartphone

The Verge, Feb 2016

"..  Google is also interested in this problem of engagement, and cites the declining use of e-readers as evidence that the frontier for digital books has moved. "Phones offer countless new ways to construct narrative and read deeply," says T.L. Uglow of Google's Sydney-based Creative Labs, which created the initiative along with London-based publisher Visual Editions. "These are books that can compete for attention on your phone via incredible, dynamic literature."

"an immersive performance with 360˚ sound using Google’s invisible, embedded technology." 

The Australian, Feb 2016

Guardian, Mar 2016

In collaboration with Google’s Creative Lab, Sandpit’s intimate performance features two ghosts (the audience) revisiting the kitchen(s) where they grew up, fell in love and refurbished, over 50 years. Audiences of two will (digitally) tune in to the inner thoughts of a couple at three stages of their life.

Story Spheres is a way to add stories to panoramic photographs. It’s a simple concept that combines the storytelling tools of words and pictures with a little digital magic.

A favourite examples of an event archive was for our friends at the Adelaide Fringe 2016


"What I learned from testing Google’s Story Spheres at New York Fashion Week"

Washington Post, Oct 2015

An Internet without screens might look like this

TEDx Sydney. May 2015

Designer T.L Uglow is creating a future in which humanity's love for natural solutions and simple tools can coexist with our need for information and the devices that provide us with it. "Reality is richer than screens," he says. "We can have a happy place filled with the information we love that feels as natural as switching on lightbulb."

‘Hangouts in History’ - Bringing the past to life

July 2013

History is always a tough subject to bring to life, and even more so when a teacher is trying to transport their students back more than 700 years in time to plague-era Europe. But we had a hunch that technology might be one way to make this subject a bit more participatory.  With this in mind, Google's Creative Lab teamed up with Grumpy Sailor to help a class of year 8 students from Bowral ‘video conference’ with 1348, in what we became the first of 5 “Hangouts in History”.

From Google, a Virtual Cube Plays Video on All 6 Sides

Wired, March 2014

"From interactive music videos to YouTube symphonies, the artists and designers at Google Creative Lab are known for pushing the capabilities of the web. Their latest project pushes boundaries in a very literal sense.

Play With Google’s Psychedelic New Interactive Music Video Cube

Tech Crunch, July 2014

"It’s called The Cube, and it’s a trip. Built by Google Creative Labs as “an experimental platform for interactive storytelling”. It debuted online today with indie dance band The Presets’ new single “No Fun”. You decide what to watch and hear by clicking and dragging The Cube to show a single side or a combination.

And no, Google didn’t take some bad acid. The whole thing is a multi-pronged promo. The Cube only runs in Google Chrome and Android, it links to buy the song on Google Play where it’s exclusively available for the next 48 hours, and it’s sure to help Google recruit designers by showing it can do art, not just algorithms.


In November 2013, to help celebrate the Sydney Opera House's 40th birthday, Google Creative Lab and Tellart installed a special pair of binoculars on the footsteps of one of the world's most iconic buildings.

"Google Has a Secret Interview Process… And It Landed Me a Job

"If Google sees that you're searching for specific programming terms, they'll ask you to apply for a job. It's wild. Here's how it works."
The Hustle,  Aug 2015


Google and RSC's digital reinterpretation of A Midsummer Night's Dream

WIRED, June 2103

On June 21-23 2013, the Royal Shakespeare Company produced Midsummer Night's Dreaming in collaboration with Google Creative Lab. The RSC staged A Midsummer Night's Dream in real time in Stratford accompanied by a panoply of new characters online on Google+.

Build with Chrome is a virtual Lego time-suck, but worth it

"Blow off your work with Build with Chrome, an online Lego-building platform that lets you stack virtual bricks into elaborate creations.  - CNET

"If you love building with LEGO® bricks, there's now a whole new way to build - online in Google Chrome. Welcome to Build. Think of it as the world's biggest LEGO set. So what will you build? http://www.buildwithchrome.com

2012 edition :)

2014 edition

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Introduces YouTube Play (2010)

YouTube's finest artists make it to the Guggenheim

The Guardian, Oct 2010

"YouTube Play launched in June, inviting artists from around the world to submit their work. By September, the 23,358 submissions had been whittled down to 125 finalists. A judging panel including performance artist Laurie Anderson, Glaswegian artist Douglas Gordon and filmmaker Darren Aronofsky - and led by esteemed Guggenheim chief curator Nancy Spector - picked 25 winners, announced at the Guggenheim."

Lamps: a design research collaboration with Google Creative Labs, 2011

BERG, 2011

" At the beginning of 2011 we started a wide-ranging conversation with Google Creative Lab, around near-future experiences of Google and its products. During our discussions with them, a strong theme emerged. We were both curious about how it would feel to have Google in the world with us, rather than on a screen. If Google wasn’t trapped behind glass, what would it do? What would it behave like? How would we react to it? ..."  (read the whole post)

What happens when you send a request out to the world to chronicle, via video, a single day on Earth?

You get 80,000 submissions and 4,500 hours of footage from 192 countries.

Life in a Day is a crowdsourced drama/documentary film comprising an arranged series of video clips selected from 80,000 clips submitted to the YouTube video sharing website. Wikipedia

Released: July 24, 2011  (Play Trailer

Within less than a week, YTSO became the most-watched live music concert on the Internet.  [Limelight]

"The YouTube Symphony Orchestra is an orchestra assembled by open auditions hosted by YouTube, the London Symphony Orchestra and several other worldwide partners. Launched on December 1, 2008, it is the first-ever online collaborative orchestra. Wikipedia

The Art Project is a collaboration between Google and some of the world's most acclaimed and diverse art institutions.  Powered by a broad, connected suite of Google technologies, you can now explore art collections from around the world, view artworks at incredible zoom levels and create your own gallery. 

I feel very proud to have been involved early on in this project before it became a mainstay of Google's cultural Institute: www.googleartproject.com


Other Projects:


Everything we have done has been made possible by the amazing people I have been lucky enough to work with... this is not an exhaustive list, just a few people I work with a lot.