The Binoculars on The National Design Awards Gallery

Tellart created The Binoculars, a modified version of the iconic Tower Optical coin-operated binocular viewers, that allowed visitors at the Sydney Opera House to explore the spectacular, high-resolution StreetView captures of the world's other UNESCO World Heritage sites working with Google Creative Lab on the concept and content, Tellart guided the rigorous user experience design and engineering process required to deliver this interactive blending of traditional manufacturing and connected digital technology.

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It's Nice That | “I love the work I get to make. But I wish it didn’t seem so kooky”: Google Creative Lab’s CD Tea Uglow on the friction between culture and digital tech default I am pro-technology. But I also present as an artist. I’m not a coder, nor particularly good at art, I just like potential. So as soon as I get hold of anything like this I basically try to mess with it. It’s like a default: move stuff about, try and glitch it, warp it, press all the buttons, see what happens.

Love at Fifth Site [2017]

Falling in love can leave us lost for words, even though there’s plenty racing through our head. Created by by Google’s Creative Lab and Grumpy Sailor, this quirky set of interactive films allows you to explore the inner thoughts of two characters across a series of serendipitous and sometimes awkward encounters that eventually lead to Love at Fifth Site.

Love at Fifth Site allows the audience to use their phone to ‘shine a light’ onto the inner monologue of the film’s protagonists. Using the phone's accelerometer and the browser's native device motion library to respond to audience interaction and movement, the work forms part of an ongoing exploration of how technology can help artists push the boundaries of traditional storytelling.

Gold at Cannes. Black at D&AD [2011]


At its heart Google's Lab is in the creative business, and we do our bit for marketing - trying to share the magic of our products with our users.

We're really not motivated by awards... but then I would say that; and it's certainly not everyday that you work on a Gold Cannes Lions winning campaign - yet somehow this year I was involved in three: Art Project, Life in a Day and Voice Search outdoor, not to mention glory by association with Wilderness Downtown and the Chrome campaigns. I was up and down those steps like pro by the end of June as Creative Lab ended up with 1 Grand Prix, 6 Gold, 4 Silver and 2 Bronze Cannes Lions as well as 1 Black Pencil & 2 Gold Pencils at D&AD

The Wilderness Downtown (Cyber Grand Prix winner): an interactive music video for Arcade Fire showed off Chrome’s features.

Chrome Speed Tests: a series of lab-like experiments on YouTube demonstrated Chrome's speed.

The Google Art Project : adapted Street View technology to let people virtually navigate museums and galleries around the world.

UK Voice Search : a series of billboard ads with phonetic spellings touted our mobile app’s voice search chops.

Demo Slam : (remember Chubby BunnyExtra Spicy, and Mount Rushmore?) showcased users’ innovative applications of our technology and asked them to vote up a winner.

Life in a Day: Ridley Scott asked YouTube users around the world to upload footage from July 24, 2010, which was then turned into a feature film.

Also recognized were Chrome Fast Ball and Google Instant with Bob Dylan


Google Translate for Animals [2010]

We were lucky enough to work on this (our first Google April Fool) with Sara Rowghani and Reto Meier (who actually built the app). The video was shot by Glue in conjunction with the in-house team (scripting and editing).

The scripts, translations, designs, and copy were created in-house over a few weeks.

The video had over a million views and over 50k app downloads .

Introducing Google Translate for Animals, a new application that can help you communicate with your pet.