It's Nice That | Google’s Tea Uglow’s Bookshelf includes “Second-wave cyberpunk” and “print wizardry”

As someone whose career involves developing potentials for the future of reading, including books which can be “owned” and “borrowed” through the use of blockchain technology; and a novel set inside Google’s street view, both as part of Editions at Play, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to find out which books from the past have impacted the brilliant Tea Uglow

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“The creative process is about not knowing what you’re doing”: Interview with Tea Uglow | Simpleweb

Why aren’t we finding ways of building the information that we want into the way we want to experience the environment, rather than the way we’re told to experience the environment?

Tea Uglow is the Creative Director of Google’s Creative Lab in Sydney, although she prefers a Google (mis)Translate version of the title – Experimental Person in Charge.

Tea leads a team exploring “the spaces between contemporary digital technology and traditional forms of creativity and culture. That might be with museums, galleries, working with artists, filmmakers or writers and looking at what happens when those intersect.”

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It's Nice That | “Coding is an extraordinary form of creativity”

Tea Uglow may have the most important job in the creative industries: to discover the tools of the future designer. “I play with technology not to create new forms of creativity but to augment and influence traditional forms of creativity,” explains Tea, creative director of Google’s Creative Lab in Sydney.
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Why do we do it after all? [Nov 16]

.. To ‘record’ the experiences of the dynamic web is like taking photos of morning dew: fragmentary and one-dimensional, unsatisfactory. The future internet, consisting of machine intelligence communicating with speech rather than all these helpful words on ‘pages’, is even tougher to pin down. Every single web experience is literally performative — a machine pirouetting through a dance of information that is unique to you in that moment and then lost forever.

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Notes from a keynote: REMIX 2014

In the deluge of conferences and talk shops - Remix is quite good.

Sitting (lonely) at the junction of culture, technology and entrepreneurship it brings together naturally creative, curious and organizationally capable people. I find it refreshing and challenging (and a tiny bit chaotic). It reminded me why I love the arts. 

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