Belongings with SBS [2018]

This beautiful project is the love-child of Kirstin and JP. 

What if you had to flee your homeland forever? What's the one item you couldn't live without? The people in this immersive installation were faced with that very decision. Created by SBS' Digital Creative Labs and using technology developed by Google's Creative Lab, Belongings shares tales of displacement, resilience and hope spanning decades of migration, diverse cultures and stages of life.

Love at Fifth Site [2017]

Falling in love can leave us lost for words, even though there’s plenty racing through our head. Created by by Google’s Creative Lab and Grumpy Sailor, this quirky set of interactive films allows you to explore the inner thoughts of two characters across a series of serendipitous and sometimes awkward encounters that eventually lead to Love at Fifth Site.

Love at Fifth Site allows the audience to use their phone to ‘shine a light’ onto the inner monologue of the film’s protagonists. Using the phone's accelerometer and the browser's native device motion library to respond to audience interaction and movement, the work forms part of an ongoing exploration of how technology can help artists push the boundaries of traditional storytelling.

The Cube [2012-2017]

Play With Google’s Psychedelic New Interactive Music Video Cube

Tech Crunch, July 2014

"It’s called The Cube, and it’s a trip. Built by Google Creative Labs as “an experimental platform for interactive storytelling”. It debuted online today with indie dance band The Presets’ new single “No Fun”. You decide what to watch and hear by clicking and dragging The Cube to show a single side or a combination.

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A Curiosity of Doubts [2016]

A Curiosity of Doubts  is a Penguin Special Edition published for the Sydney Writer's Festival.

A Curiosity of Doubts is a Penguin Special Edition published for the Sydney Writer's Festival.

I feel I have somewhat accidentally published a book. Penguin have very kindly included a sort of expanded version of a short lecture I was asked to give (as part of the Sydney Writers Festival). It is a huge honour and I feel a a bit embarrassed to be dressed in the livery of an authentic Penguin Classic, but, at the same time hugely proud.  A Curiosity of Doubts is available in shops that sell books. And online. A podcast of the talk is being made and we can link to that.