The inaugural APAC CreativeLab5 [2015].

I am often asked if Google do internships. Well Google are always recruiting, just not always for my really, really tiny team.
however… <drum roll>  

I’m delighted to say that Google’s Creative Lab in Sydney are now looking for their first Five, a talent-finding initiative that has been running in NY and London for several years.  
(As it happens the London Five is also open for applications)

The Sydney Five will be the same as the other Five's - an 11-month contract open to anyone with an Australian work visa and serious skills -  whether that be as a designer, technologist, writer, developer, film-maker, hacker, wild-card, gerbil-juggler or all of the above.

Applications are open through to the end of October and you can find out how to do that here. We will interview in November/December and you start in January.

My team is focused on the future of the internet; we play right at the edge of what is currently possible with the computers in our pockets - so that HAS to be a driving passion of yours (and we don’t mean just Apps). We also work with teams from Tokyo to Tassie, via Mumbai - so you may get to use that HSC-level Japanese.  

Even by Google standards, Sydney’s Lab is pretty unconventional, but it is (hopefully) an empathetic and collaborative environment - no need for new-bloods, big-guns, rock-stars, or raging-egos (even though we do need to know what you secretly want to brag about). We’re more interested in people with passion and curiosity, humility and insight.

If you are one of those creative geek types and you think this sounds too good to be true then DO something about it. It’s an open door. Please push hard.


The program lasts 11 months to from Jan to Nov 2015. On a salary. (Not a big one). There is no assurance of a job at the end. You will work incredibly hard. People will cry. But we will make it worth it. And I think it will be fun. (except the crying bits).

Mentors:  (did I mention this Five have mentors?)

Introducing: The Mentors:

Anna Gerber & Britt Iversen  - co-founders of Visual Editions

Sara Rowghani - VP Marketing, Kickstarter

Victoria Doidge - GM, Marketing, David Jones

Margaret Zabel - CEO of the Australian Communications Council

Katie Dreke - Global Brand Director, Advanced Concepts at Nike

Lucinda Barlow - Head of Marketing, Google Australia

Laura Jordan-Bambach - President, D&AD 2013-14

Julia Kaganskiy - Director of Incubator for Art, Technology, and Design, New Museum

Mel Exon  -  Managing Director of BBH UK

Yasmin Quemard - Managing Director of She Says Australia

Lily Cole - Founder,

I’m not sure what we’re going to do with them but they outnumber you 2 to 1.