What is a Cult (radio mix) - Festival of Dangerous Ideas 2012

I have realised it is something of a treat to be shunted out of one's comfort zone.
You don't think it is, but really, when you come back from the arena, whatever that may be - the adrenaline of being challenged, hopefully combined with the relief of having met the challenge - is something we should all try and do more.

So I guess I should be grateful to my 'friends' at the Sydney Opera House for their suggestion that I talk on the somewhat left-field topic of: My workplace is a cult with Narelle Hooper, Catherine Fox, and the journalist Gideon Haigh at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas, 2012

There is a video (apparently) to come of the event - which seemed to go jolly well, and was fascinating (thanks to my excellent co-panellists) but in the meantime you can listen to me stutter and stammer my way through an interview (with Gideon) on ABC's Drive program...

So I think this dangerous thing was good to do, my blogpost on the art of #fail is much more my comfort zone, but gave me far less satisfaction. So what I learnt is: it is sort of fascinating to be placed in a position where you have to think creatively, unconventionally about a theoretical 'stated' position, in public, on the record. It's affirming. Everyone should try it.
Though I'm not confident the PR team would agree.