We moved. To Australia

Transpires that a simple little thing like having a child, moving to the other side of the world, starting a new job, losing a region, gaining another - saying goodbye to my wonderful teams (Potato, ATP, Toaster) and starting from scratch can take some time to adjust to. And it inhibits blogging.

But it has also been a surprisingly fertile and creative process of rebirth - so while the scale of my projects has been (intentionally) reduced - the scope and range has been extended. We are now building smaller prototypes - incubating crazy ideas, and developing dangerous lines of inquiry. We try not too spend too much time focused on creating images of the tools, instead we want to use the tools to make the thing. We want to use digital as a medium for creating narrative, imagery and experiences, rather than the current trend for calling it digital when it is analogue content - words, pictures, videos - broadcast online.

So maybe we should say if the creative output could still exist without the internet then it's not digital - even if you watch it on YouTube - it's broadcast digital.
Whereas digital creative is intrinsically digital - two way digital - it is much more fun trying to make work that is generative, collaborate or algorithmic at it's core - that can't exist without the internet. THAT's fun. And it provides ideas for advertisers to borrow, because people like a model they can see.

Personally, my parameters are that it has to use our products. Not just coding - but using Google products as a springboard. We make digital work that uses the Google product suite as the tools, as the medium. Calder might paint with shapes, I paint with code.google.com.

I speak to our engineers and often they are in awe of the way people use our tools - the ones that they build. (not always good awe). And it's an important point. We build browsers, we build tools, we don't necessarily max them out. It's like skateboards, we may make them, we may sell them, we may even build ramps, but we don't ride them hard. Trying to teach the world to ollie, is one thing, but landing the world's first 1080... we just don't do that enough yet... (but we're going to try).

So apologies for the hiatus. More coming soon.