Beautiful Mistakes and the future of stuff at NeXT in Aarhus

Went to Aarhus recently for their NeXT conference and had a really interesting time reprising my future of everything talk around the subject of beautiful misatkes - which, and let's be honest here, is firstly a specialty, so home turf when ift comes to talking about serendipitous errors and, secondly is basically an hour long dinner party monolgue of mine about where we are and how the world is either going to be amazing, or awful, or perhaps somewhere inbetween.

Seemed to go down well.
Considerate write-up from RWW (thank you)
At the Nordic Exceptional Trendshop (NEXT) conference in Aarhus, Denmark yesterday, we were treated to some thoughts about the future from Tom Uglow, a Creative Director based at Google’s Creative Lab in London...." more