Five ways of Watching : the difference between YT and cinema

We've been showing some of our YouTube ads on television and in cinemas around the world and watching YouTube as I do (surreptitiously in meetings, on ping, on my phone, whenever I should be doing something more important, and occasionally intentionally), i just kept thinking how extraordinarily different these experiences were.
Online is such a fragmented way of watching anything - infinitely more distracted - and more flighty - actively consuming but entirely fickle, not attentive to arcs, or detail or narrative.
On Demand - where I carve out time and stop and actively watch. I'm looking for story, script and immersion, but not production quality. I actively want to watch a programme and I am committed to it.

On TV - where I (rarely anymore) sit and let the TV wash over me. It's passive. Time passes really fast. I'm not engaged nor am I proactively changing the channel. I comfortably consume. QI til I die.
On DVD - I am attentive to the narrative, atmosphere and nuance. But in my slippers and a hoodie.
On the big screen - I am completely committed, I have physically visited a theatre and am attentive to intimate detail, I will follow complex storylines, loops and twists and I will analyse and contrast.
So nothing new there... but when I see our little ads (like this one below from Germany) run across all those media (and embedded on blogs as well) it makes me think.