Creative Lab EMEA Showreel 2010

This year we mainly did this:

Full kudos to the amazing people I work with every day:
Leslie Fabello, Lina Hewett, Kate Conran, & Sara Rowghani.
Video: ATP under Julie Cohen
Web Dev: Potato under Jason Cartwright
Design: Ross Warren, BitMop & Toaster

I really could list all their names - they surprise, delight, infuriate and excite me all day everyday.
Hmm, well, it's my blog, why not?
So in no particular order of amazingness:
Julie Cohen
Beki Gard
Mikal Habteab
Nel Minchin
Emily Rohan
Robert Waddilove
Will Brown
Mike Brookes
Tyron Storm
Alexia Merrington
Jeanette Hewitt
Esther Raphael
Ben Turze
Rachna Suri
Martin Shannon
Minta Townshend

Jason Cartwright
Luke Guttridge
Michael Bel
Will Thomson
Andy Diver
Adam Alton
Steven Holmes
Dave Dale
Wilfred Hughes
Kevin Jackson
Can Yilmaz
Toby Dacre

Rich Mills
Aidan Sharkey
Tom Dunn
Charles Metz