24-7 : YouTube's Life in a Day invites the World to make a film with Ridley Scott

Life in a Day is a fantastic exercise in the potential of the internet to take old ideas and make them spectacular and huge. Everyone has clung to to idea of each individual in the world taking a photo at the same time. It is not an old idea. Earth Hour is a great example.
But sharing that action, collaborating and bringing it together in a way the world can also experience is a much harder proposition - YouTube has teamed up with Scott Free productions and director Kevin McDonald to try and get everyone in the world to create a short film about their day which can be uploaded to YouTube and used to make a film. It is literally something only YouTube could do - it feels like we are trying to take a picture of humanity, like an image of Earth from space, but using a flipcam. It is very exciting.

Aidan worked on the creative and Ross project managed.