Chrome Features [2009]

In 2009 we rolled out a series of annotated YT videos (called Chrome Features) to the main GoogleChrome channel for the US team to use as part of their Chrome for Mac launch. It was also a sort of experiment into what 'adverts' would look like if Google made them. I insisted they would have to be interactive (I was wrong).

The videos are actually part of the EMEA Chrome Awareness campaign and were created by BBH/ 1st Ave Machine in NY. They are localised for 8 other countries. (The annotation alone involved 8 annotations each on 9 videos for 8 countries. so getting on towards 600 annotations.) big big shout to Rachna (our EMEA producer) and our annotators: Robert, Dezzie, Lina and Orla

Look! A young Ben Malbon, who knew...?