BLA BLA :: a film for computer - surreal Canadian post-digital cartoonery.

It's a strange surreal children's tale from the 1970's (the sort of thing they seem to still do a lot of in Canada) - it is interactive in so much as you can push it and press it and poke it. You drive the story, like the pages of a book. So it has a physicality rather than an interactivity. Which makes it wonderful.
All build in Flash, really annoying sound scape, but blissfully visionary landscapes which are incredibly evocative.

And hugely indicative of this post-digital idea we're on about:
“BLA BLA uses xerography, drawing on paper, ActionScript-generated animations, puppet stop-motion combined with real-time 3D mapping, etc.,” Morisset explains. “I am inspired by projects that feel free aesthetically. I wanted BLA BLA to feel hand-made, imperfect, fragile, so we forget about the technology.”