Gravity App Scours Twitter and Facebook to Predict Your Interests


Kunal Anand, Gravity's lead software architect, shows how infographics could be the next wave in start-up tech.
Every day, in your tweets and Facebook updates, you're giving testament to all the things that you love--whether it's hungover owls, terrifying Asian Ronald McDonalds, or drinking Four Loko. Usually, only your friends can decipher all that, and generate a profile of who you are, and what you care about.

Now imagine instead that a web app could do all that. And imagine again that this web app could map all that information, along with that of your friends. Got it? Then you understand Gravity, a new startup founded by MySpace vets. "Gravity’s Interest Graph is an online representation of a person's real-world interests, derived from public conversation and profile data on the social web," Gravity's lead software architect, Kunal Anand, tells us.