Wonder-full! HTML5 tribute to wonder-wall.com http://goo.gl/rOtJ @is__real

from: http://www.is-real.net/experiments/css3/wonder-webkit/


A tribute to the awesome wonder-wall by tha.ltd.

And a demo of WebKitCSSMatrix. The wonder-wall effect is inspired by this great example, the Javascript Matrix library used is this, and the book covers are taken from here.

The interesting stuff is the possibility of manipulate the transformation matrix of any element of the DOM, In this case we get the matrix given only the 4 end points of the element, which is done porting OpenCV's cvGetPerspectiveTransform function and some trickery, the JavaScript code is here.

Right now the effect only works in Safari 5 (best) and Chrome 7 Dev. Roll over the elements and click them.