:: am conflicted by this - what happens when photography is automagicalized?


3 easy steps!
Upload. Select focal point. press go.

- and this is a good thing?
So it's a bit like apps that polarize, sepia tint, re-sample and generally just make your shit photo not so shit. (where am I going with this...?)
So there are two perspectives - 1. overall the quality and interest level of pictures in the world is raised. 2. the craft and understanding of how to make an interesting picture is lost. Both result in a decline in the appreciation and, 'artistic value' of photography generally.

Photos are the output of a machine tool. Anyone can make them. (this separates them from drawing, (non-digital) sculpture, performance etc...

This is another layer to that mechanization. Really - what is art made by machine? At best it's pastiche, at least until the machine is making conscious 'art' - like Gibson's Cornell-mimicking AI in Count Zero...