Typeface Trailer: Endearing & moving film about a declined industrial town and Hamilton Wood Type Museum

The irony of this gorgeous movie (about the value of craft, patience, knowledge and physicality) lies in the lack of equivalent values for lighting, editing, production or sound - but hey - that's a digital craft. If you can get past that issue then this is a wonderful wonderful moving little docco about a declining Wisconsin town, some great characters, the importance of hand-crafts, and the astonishing Hamilton Wood Type Museum - with over 1.5m wood blocks still accessible to use today.
Helvetica meets Christopher Guest meets Louis Theroux with some 12th grade film studies kids.
(Features an all-time great cameo by an Ogilvy CD playing to type as the most unbelievable cock.)

Hamilton - http://www.woodtype.org/

Typeface - http://typeface.kartemquin.com/hamilton