These subjective bank security questions are causing me existential anxiety


So. minor moment of crisis - is it really weird not to have favourite 'things' (things that remain absolute and unchanging)?

Should I be totally concerned that I have no idea where I first went on holiday or which gig or record I bought first?
I had to pick 5 of these and it was a struggle (although i appreciate I really should know my mums middle name.)
Who is my hero? Jeesh! today? or when I last logged on?
What did I want to be when I grew up? Well that's a little abstract for me... at which point in my development specifically?
and I'm not even going to start with what is my favourite children's television programme? (In the Night Garden)

Actually I could probably do this if they were GROWN UP questions.
Yes I do have a favourite newspaper. Yes I do have a favourite author. Yes I do support a political party/local mp. Yes I do have a favourite theatre / gallery / poet...
or, actually am I just in such a minority that "favourite cartoon character" is a no brainer.

But presumably this is futile as they would be based on user-research or live-metrics anyway... the power of the wisdom of crowds.
they hold a mirror up to our world.