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on the surface it is a bit of an arty url for what looks like a strange art-meets-tripadvisor-meets-digg type of social media experiment.

But I really like the idea and it gets art online and it's dutch and it's got an iphone app!

Most importantly it's planning some cool RFID stuff...
According to our favourite ADPH:

It was mentioned that they are in process of working with RFID technology to replace in-exhibition guides  - just point phone at painting and up comes info (!) but what they already have is an iPhone app which brings up images from a local/ selected gallery/exhibition - along with user descriptions/commentary.  Still a bit of work to build up inventory though...

Personally am already enraptured by the thought of an art-finding, art-documenting, artist-identifying iphone app. seriously.

thoughts @nancyproctor ?