Making gmail better in firefox

Making gmail and firefox sing: if you're still grappling with gmail the hard way (aka trial and error) I thought I'd chuck out this stuff I found about colouring and automating your labelling and creating quicktext for gmail.

OK so it's a bit geeky to read - so if you can't be bothered I guess it'll tunr up as functionality in due course.
It is also pretty much taken for granted that you are 'labelling' (gmail for filing)

First you need to install Greasemonkey: which allows some extra fun stuff to work in firefox.
Greasemonkey 0.6.4
(and restart firefox etc)

Then these greasemonkey scripts:
Gmail Label Colors . (and here on how to use it)
Gmail Conversation Preview (and here on how to use it)
additional keyboard shortcuts (including super-fast labelling) (and here on how to use it)

The stuff about auto-text is here - but I haven't started using it yet.

Another useful extension is gspace which allows firefox to use your 2gb of gmail as a remote server to back up files when you're on the road (or even at home) Gmail Space