New Dad.

I am probably more personally connected with this than anything I actually worked on at Google. It's a true story from a NY Googler about losing his phone shortly after the birth of his child (it was stolen) and all his photos but he remembered he had turned on Instant Upload. So it was all OK.
Made by Lorraine, Leslie, Sara, Josh, Trumbull and Jon in the NYC Lab. The story is true, the photos are mine however... I hear it is perfectly normal for a new dad to take 14gb of pics and vids in the first 6wks after birth.
UPDATE: The video has now been localised into a number of languages and seen millions of times around the world. It aired during the 2012 Grammys, the 2012 Oscars, and the season finale of a show called Revenge, which I understand was about young, glamorous New Hamptonites killing each other at beach parties. So a perfect placement.
UPDATE 2: The UK localisation with a Scottish V/O has caused much merry confusion about the identity of the real dad.
UPDATE 3: I am now able to have conversations (with Americans) on planes, that go, "You know that kid in the ad about the guy who loses his phone? That's my kid". Nina is mortified.

Just for the record we only really did this to be able to play it at his 21st birthday. I like to think long.