Recent YouTube projects: Vatican Channel & Symphony Orchestra

Not sure on the etiquette on this. Probably shouldn't get into the habit of posting "things I've done" like an CV-extension; nevertheless I wanted to put a couple up because I'm proud.

First up is the Vatican YouTube site which we built and designed working with the Vatican (they are quite tuned in), and launched in January. In answer to your immediate question: No, it's not for videos of the Pope skateboarding, or cardinals miming Rick Astley; No, I don't think YouTube jumped the shark; Yes, there is already Vatican TV so stacks of inventory; No, I didn't get to kiss the ring; Yes, it was very surreal.

Second up is the winners gadget from the Youtube Symphony Orchestra which was a great Flash gadget that the team pulled together. Initially AS3 it ended up AS2 to work with the xml. (YT competitions backend is hilarious). But end result - brilliant. Bit buggy, nightmare deadline, learnt that I don't like not being able to get hands on and 'fix it myself' but generally brilliant. Very happy. Roll on Carnegie! Team credits: Jason Cartwright / Tom Dunn/ Rich Mills (who needs to build himself a website!)
this is the gadget: